PGL aka "Pro Gaming League L.L.C." is an eSports/Gaming website with a high-quality next-generation design for the ultimate gaming experience and of course for you gaming enthusiasts and players across. We are your source for daily tournaments and ladders, offered on multiple games across playstation, xbox, and other various platforms. Our innovative platform offers gamers the chance to play the top video games in the industry for real money through online ladders, tournaments, and leagues.

To deposit funds to your account, simply go here or click on "My Bank" under your account tab. Press "Deposit funds", select an amount, and use the various payment methods provided.

To purchase credits, head to our store or click the "Store" tab on our header. There you can use your funds to buy credits.

Although uncommon, users might notice a delay in their purchase. Everything is okay, it shouldn't take any longer than 30 minutes to process. If more than 30 minutes have passed and you still do not have your funds, contact us on via Twitter @PGLSupport

Withdraws typically take less than one hour to complete. Your withdraw will never take longer than 12 hours. Please be patient and we will send you your withdraw without having to make contact!

All teams are able to be disbanded by visiting the “My Teams” page listed in the menu when clicking on your username.

To upload proof for your disputed match, click on the "Submit Proof" button on your match page.

Matches that have not been reported by opponents are automatically resolved after an hour of match time. Please wait for the match to automatically resolve if you notice this. We are not able to prematurely report ladder/wager matches.